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What We Do

Environment-friendly agro-inputs| Ag-Tech | Creative farming products | Quality Seeds | Ag-Training | Consultancy and partnerships


Organic and creative Products

We are the force behind Agape Organic fertilizer, a perfect replacement of synthetic granular fertilizers and leading importer and distributor for Rebearth a bio-stimulant and Rhizobia, a nitrogen booster for legumes.



We provide Agriculture technologies that help enhance farm management and productivity, we guide farmers on ICT adoption choices and build mobile apps and web related tools and systems for low tech savvy farmers to easily use and generate impact in the shortest time possible.


IPM Products

We are commonly known for the yellow sticky fruit fly traps, Tuta absoluta traps, False Coding Moth traps, Thrips traps and Mosquito traps. We are soon introducing traps for coffee twig borer, fall army worm among others. We will help you make the best decisions for your crops.


We help farmers access the best quality seeds with proven high yielding abilities and adaptability scores. We have both indigenous and imported seeds of various crops and plants.



Did you know some good soil bacteria can help plants make their own fertilizer? These good soil bacteria are called rhizobia. You can use these organisms and save on fertilizer as well as have a good looking crop and nutrious soils, we currently have some ready to use Rhizobia for Beans, Soya beans and groundnuts. We also train you on how to use it for your crops to get the best effects.


Mobile Farming Investment

We work with individuals and institutions looking for secure and high profit investment opportunities in agriculture. Investors can choose, invest monitor and grow their investment portfolio in horticulture crops through digital system in the comfort of their homes with just a click.


Our founder story

The name "Agape" means love, Growing up from a farming background, I always notices the joy our family had whenever harvest time.

Our dream is create a dynamic and creative company that is solving agricultural problems using innovation. We want change Africa's agriculture trajectory through introducing novel agro-input technologies, adding value onto indigeous vegetable seeds, solving house hold pest problems and availing brilliant and income-focused farming information.


What we’re offering


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Top products

  • UGX10,000 / 1 kg
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  • UGX16,000 / 1 kg
    About Promoting vegetable growing by providing high quality seeds with proven high yielding abilities and adaptability scores.
  • UGX8,000 / 1 kg
    About Look no further, Agape seeds has the best Nakatti seeds in store for you. The Maleeto brand with high germination ability and high yielding.
  • UGX4,000 / 1 kg
    About Huge losses are registered every season by vegetable and fruit farmers due to fruit flies. we want to put an end to this with the novel pheromone yellow sticky fruit fly trap. It has a pheromone that attracts the fruit fly to it and a sticky gum that holds the attracted insect. There is no need to spray insecticides when you are using this trap. the other dangerous insect pests like flower thrips, aphids among others are also lured by the bright yellow color of the trap. It is a cost friendly easy to use effective trap that attracts captures and kills fruit flies in fruits like mangoes, avocadoes, and citrus among others.  Vegetables like watermelon, cucumber, pepper, tomatoes, among others, flower farms, compound and gardens among other places where these fruit flies are a menace. It is also very handy for Organic farmers and green house farmers The fruit fly trap can keep active for up to 6 months, it is a one-time installation and is not in any way by affected by rain or sunshine. Just hang in a tree or supported with a peg/pole in the garden and let it do its work. With 1 trap per 10m, you will need 12 traps per acre. Farmers allover Uganda who have used it are happy with it.

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