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What we do

Environmental-friendly agro-inputs| Ag-Tech | Creative farming products | Quality Seed | Ag-Training | Consultancy and partnerships

Organic and creative products

We are force behind Agape Organic fertizer, the Ugandan version of bokash, Bio-stimulant called Rebearth and Rhizobia, a nitrogen booster for legume farmers


We provide Agriculture innovations using ICT and technology. This ranges from building agro related mobile applications and systems to farming information packagings..

IPM products

We are the company behind yellow sticky fruit fly traps, Tuta absoluta traps, False Codling Moth traps, Thrips traps and Mosquito traps. The science used is pheromone-based and color spectrum


Promoting vegetable growing by providing high quality seeds with proven high yielding abilities and adaptability scores. It is time we promoted our locally grown plants.

Public health Products

We have unique organic products for control of cockroaches, rats, houseflies, snakes and mosquitoes. Our products are very safe to use for home and pets and the environment

Mobile farming investment

Agape Innovations is the official partner of MFIS, an online platform that enables farming enthusiasts to invest in farming. At Agape, we manage and handle investments in horticultural crops and vegetables. for more,

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