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Innovations in Farming and Public health

We work with you to solve both simple  and complex problems in farming and public health using cutting edge technologies, latest information and innovative products 

About our services

We focus on enhancing profitability for farmers in Africa

Agro-input products

We partner with eco friendly and climate change conscious agricultural companies to avail high quality seeds, pest control products and organic fertilizer solutions to African farmers.
We are the official agents of rebearth in Uganda


We provide tailored and affordable ICT solutions for scaling and bundling agric info, technology adoption and research for small and large scale farmers.
We are part of the team behind the Push-Pull app

Public health products

Our aim is to effectively solve public health challenges like home pests, disease vectors and vermin in ways that are environmentally friendly, easy to use and affordable

MFISS farm investment

We help your earn passive income by investing in the most profitable Agric venture from anywhere and at any time as you make the world a better place.
We are the official partners of MFISS in vegetable farming investments.

our product categories

Proven seeds, organic fertilizers, crop boosters, pest and disease control technologies, Public health products and ICT solutions for farming

Vegetable Seeds

20 Types

Organic Fertilizers

28 Brands


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Insect Traps

55 Items

Crop Boosters

36 Items

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