Solving Agricultural Problems Using Innovation

We are changing Africa’s agriculture using scientific innovations and current technologies.

Organic and non-chemical agroinput products

We are force behind yellow sticky pheromone Fruit fly traps, organic bio-stimulant called Rebearth and various novel vegetable seeds in Uganda and East Africa

ICT in Agriculture

We provide Agriculture innovations using ICT and technology. This ranges from building agro related mobile applications and systems to farming information packagings..

Natural soil enhancements

Beans, soybean and ground nuts. If you are a farmer of the above crops, we have a bio organic input called rhizobia that when used, no need of UREA and DAP in your garden. Purely natural and organic. We also have mycorrhizae, a natural microorganism for boosting soils in all cereal crops

What we do

We are a dynamic and creative company solving agricultural problems through the introduction of scientifically driven innovative organic agro-input solutions, Indigenous seeds and seedlings, ICT in agriculture (Ag-tech), and climate-smart agriculture.


Promoting vegetable growing by providing high quality seeds with proven high yielding abilities and adaptability scores. It is time we promoted our locally grown plants.

Agroinput partnership

Are you tired of buying fake agro-input, are you bothered by not knowing which product to use in your farm, what time to use it and how to use it?

Herbs & Spices

We are the only one around with these beautiful plants. Very healthy and pure, Turmeric, Sage, Sweet basil, Rosemary, Oregano,
Lemon verbena…

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