Agape Accounting books

This is a book keeping and basing accounting system that that keeps u updated with stock in the shop/business, keeps in the know of the value of the shop (value of stock in the shop/business indicates the stock that needs to be added, shows you the amount of money being made, helps you track the expenditure of the shop, shows you the gross profit and net profit, shows you whether you are making profits or losses and shows you how the shop is progressing monthly with valid figures
It is off line. No need of internet and it can be customized to any language There is no need of installing operating systems ie runs on basic computer program
24/7 assistance on how to use the system is available as well as correction in case you make a mistake. it is also good as proof of loan evaluation and can be backdated with previous data
It can work for a range of businesses eg agro-inputs, boutiques, petrol station, stationary, home businesses, farms etc.

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