Mobile Farming Investment

Are you green about farming yet you love the concept? have you heard of stories of people misfiring in farming and you are skeptical of entering it?

At Agape Innovations, we have partnered with an online company called mobile farming investment system. this is to help you invest in farming when you are not directly involved in it

MFIS is the coordinating partner between Agape and you the investor. All you do is you choose a crop of your interest, look at the investment packaging plan and you create account.

Agape will then invest your money into your project of interest. You will be continuously updated and at the end of the investment journey, you will be given your money and profits. Contact us for more information or read more on

Rhizobia innoculum

We have Rhizobium inoculum for soybean, beans and grounds from Makerere University Soil science department. It is classified as an organic biofertilizer.

Rhizobium is a genus of Gram-negative soil bacteria and universally survives in a soil. Rhizobium colonizes in the leguminous plant cells within root nodules, and fixes atmospheric dinitrogen (N2) to ammonia. Rhizobium provides ammonia as nitrogen source to the host plant, and the host plant provides the rhizobium (bacteroid) organic compounds made by photosynthesis. There is strong host specificity in the symbiosis between rhizobia and legumes.

This means that your plant will make its own nitrogen with the help of the bacteria and you will not need to add extra fertilizers like DAP and UREA. It also means that you will also improve the soils nitrogen content especially in soils where heavy feeder crops like sugarcane and maize have been grown. You can contact us and we will guide you on the specific rhizobium strain that you need, how much per kg of seed, the dos and the don’ts as well as other recommendations

ICT In Agriculture

We are here to help you do farming professionally and in a way that makes sense. That is why we have endeavoured to bring to you those who have been successful in this farming world to tell you how they do it. We have audios of how to grow different crops from the seasoned practical farmers (not that internet stuff or salesmen on the street). Each audio clip released is scrutinised by experts in that field and the information that you will get will definitely take you somewhere.

Reach out to us and get yourself a copy on how to profitably do that farming project that you have been dreaming about. Did you get a bad experience the first time, come and we give you knowledge because the difference between success and failure is knowledge.


Agape Innovations Limited is the importer of rebearth in Uganda. Rebearth is crop product in its own league. When you use it, you will realize that you don’t need to use many of the other inputs. This is because it helps the plant all the way. It makes the plant tolerant to hot and drought conditions, it makes the plant grow vigorously, makes the plant disease resistant, it helps in flowering, fruiting and grain filling making a farmer get more than 20% increase in yield.

Rebearth is a certified organic product recognized by EU organic certifying body and USDA for the USA as well as the Kenya’s Kilimo trust. At Agape, we are determined to make it possible for you to produce food organically, make money in farming organically and enjoy organic life.

Rebearth works perfectly on all crops ranging from perennials like coffee, sugarcane cereals like maize, rice, wheat to vegetables like tomatoes, pepper, watermelon as well as ornamentals like flowers, herbs and spices. Literally, all crops!

For best results, rebearth is used at planting, during growth and at flowering. You can find us in Container village at Kingsway Plaza First Floor Room F9, you can order online using the ezyagric app or contact any shop near you.

Seeds & Seedlings

Promoting vegetable growing by providing high quality seeds with proven high yielding abilities and adaptability scores.


It is time we promoted our locally grown plants. At Agape, we have begun this with nakatti seeds. We have all quantities of nakatti seeds available. Our nakatti seeds have a high germinability content, high analytical purity and the best version (maleeto) of the local Nakatti. If you are a first time farmer, if you are a vegetable farmer, if you are an agrodealer, at any stage of production, just reach out and we work together.


The Thai round eggplant or garden eggs, commonly called Ntula is a common sight on the local markets. But why? Studies have even suggested that eating eggplant can boost overall health and well-being. And with laboratory analyses showing that the phenolic compounds in eggplant contain anthocyanins, a type of flavonoid, and chlorogenic acid, a powerful free-radical scavenger, it goes to say that this plant counted among the healthiest of plants.


Cleome gynandra is a species of Cleome that is used as a green vegetable. It is known by many common names including Shona cabbage, African cabbagespiderwispcat’s whiskerschinsaga and stinkweed. In Africa, it is often referred to as spinach or wild spinach (not to be confused with the common spinach). Names in native languages include munyevhe (Shona), murudi (Venda), ulude (Zulu), echadoi (Teso), jobyo or ejobyo (Luganda), eshogi (Runyankore), chinsaga (Gusii), dek (Luo), etchilachaou (Nuni) and mgagani (Swahili)

Typically, the leaves and shoots are eaten boiled or in stews. The leaves are often eaten in Sub-Saharan Africa, where they are often dried for storage, then cooked with milk or butter to reduce its bitter taste. In Uganda and Tanzania, the leaves are cooked with groundnut paste. The plant is useful for intercropping due to its insect repellent properties. In Thailand, the leaves are a popular food item fermented with rice water as a pickle known as phak sian dong. The same pickle is also eaten in the northern states of Malaysia, and is known as jeruk maman. Cleome gynandra is high in beta-carotene, folic acid, ascorbic acid and calcium. It also contains vitamin E, iron, and oxalic acid. Generally, the leaves are about 4.0% protein. The leaves also have antioxidative properties that can help with inflammatory diseases. Because of its anti-inflammatory properties, it is sometimes used as a medicinal herb.


Okra is a flowering plant known for its edible seed pods. It’s cultivated in warm and tropical climates, such as those in Africa and South Asia. Sometimes referred to as “lady’s finger,” okra comes in two colors — red and green. Both varieties taste the same, and the red one turns green when cooked. Biologically classified as a fruit, okra is generally utilized like a vegetable in cooking.Okra is an excellent source of vitamins C and K1. Vitamin C is a water-soluble nutrient that contributes to your overall immune function, while vitamin K1 is a fat-soluble vitamin that’s known for its role in blood clotting. Additionally, okra is low in calories and carbs and contains some protein and fiber. Many fruits and vegetables lack protein, which makes okra somewhat unique. Eating enough protein is associated with benefits for weight management, blood sugar control, bone structure, and muscle mass. Okra packs many antioxidants that benefit your health.Antioxidants are compounds in food that fend off damage from harmful molecules called free radicals. The main antioxidants in okra are polyphenols, including flavonoids and isoquercetin, as well as vitamins A and C. Research shows that eating a diet high in polyphenols may improve heart health by lowering your risk of blood clots and oxidative damage. Polyphenols may also benefit brain health due to their unique ability to enter your brain and protect against inflammation. These defense mechanisms may help protect your brain from symptoms of aging and improve cognition, learning, and memory.

Feel free to contact us for more information

Tuta absoluta traps and FCM traps

Tuta absoluta traps (Tomato leaf miner)

  • Contains a delta trap, a sticky card and a pheromone lure
  • Sensitive enough to control the tomato leaf miner perfectly at all stages
  • Solution to tomato major pest

How to use

  • Hang 10-12 traps per acre (1 trap per 15 meters)
  • Hanging distance is 1-2 ft from the ground or lower
  • Traps should be as close to the tomatoes as possible
  • Avoid excessive touching of the lure and hang in the plant’s shade
  • Best to hang the trap 3 weeks after planting or when damage is cited
  • Hang in the direction of the wind for best results


  • The delta trap can last up to 1 year when properly used
  • The sticky card should be changed once it is full of the pests
  • The lure can be changed within 1 to 2 months

False codling moth traps

  • Contains a delta trap, a sticky card and a pheromone lure
  • Sensitive enough to control false codling moth perfectly at all stages
  • Perfect for both greenhouse and open field conditions

How to use

  • Hang 36-40 traps per acre depending on damage
  • Hanging distance is 1-2m from the ground or lower
  • Traps should be as close to the crops as possible
  • Avoid excessive touching of the lure and hang in the plant’s shade
  • Best to hang the trap 3 weeks after planting or immediately when damage is cited
  • Hang in the direction of the wind for best results


  • The delta trap can last up to 1 year when properly used
  • The sticky card should be changed once it is full of the pests
  • The lure can be changed within 1 to 2 months


Fly Traps

Agape Innovations Limited is the importer of Yellow pheromone fruit fly traps in Uganda commonly known on the Ugandan market as Agape Fly Traps. Huge losses are registered every season by vegetable and fruit farmers due to fruit flies. As Agape, we want to put an end to this with the novel pheromone yellow sticky fruit fly trap.

It is a cost friendly easy to use effective trap that attracts captures and kills fruit flies in fruits like mangoes, avocadoes, and citrus among others.  Vegetables like watermelon, cucumber, pepper, tomatoes, among others, flower farms, compound and gardens among other places where these fruit flies are a menace.

The fruit fly trap can keep active for up to 6 months, it is a one-time installation and is not in any way by affected by rain or sunshine. Just hang in a tree or supported with a peg/pole in the garden and let it do its work.

With 1 trap per 10m, you will need 12 traps per 1 acre. Farmers in Mbale, Soroti, Masaka, Arua  among other places are enjoying, the benefits of using this novel technology.  You can find it online with via the ezy agric app, any retailer shop near you or at our main store at Kingsway plaza in container village Kampala Uganda.

Agape Accounting books

In agriculture, RECORD KEEPING IS IMPORTANT if you are serious with making money from the venture.

At Agape, we have designed a record keeping tool to help you track your money.

The system that is offline, so easy to learn that it doesn’t need training (though we have made tutorials to guide you). A system that can operate on any computer without having to download unique operating systems.

This system calculates for you how much money you are making every day, every week, every month.., literally anytime of the year. The system shows you how much is in the store and its value, it shows you how much money your business spends, your gross and net profit among other features.

Farmers are already enjoying it so don’t be left behind. Get in touch with us and we will avail the system to you. Not only farmers can use it, other business entities like boutiques, ware houses, washing bays, shops among others can use it.

Let the system help you to do an organized business with less effort and you focus on other things. we know you are busy.

Push-Pull App

Developed by Agape Innovations Limited together and with support from Keele University, ICIPE and Leeds University, PUSH-PULL App is a farmer-friendly mobile android application to help in the dissemination of the Push-Pull technology.

Push-Pull technology is a system of farming that uses crop-insect interactions to control Fall Armyworm (FAW), Stemborers and striga in maize and sorghum gardens

Push-Pull technology institutes of a “Push” (desmodium spp) that is intercropped with the maize and emit volatile chemicals (kairomones) which repel  the FAW and stemborer moths and drive them away from the main crop (maize). The “Pull” (Napier grass or Brachiaria) are grasses planted in the border around the maize where the invading adult moths become attracted to chemicals emitted by the grasses themselves. Instead of landing on the maize or sorghum plants, the insects head for what appears to be a tastier meal, thus the “Push–Pull” strategy.   

Push-Pull App works offline (without internet), is designed with seamless Visual, Voice & Text features to support use by even the most illiterate and farmers with visual or hearing impairments. The App is published on google play store and accessibility is free for any farmer around the world. The App also features a Google map that can help maize farmers in sourcing and identifying the materials needed to set up a Push-Pull Garden.

Information on how to use the app can be watched from here  : and the app can be downloaded by following this You-tube channel

Farming Hardcopy Books

Following the cry of many farmers, Agape Innovations limited has availed information of farming the right way in form of books in hard copies.  We have books for growing various types of crops like tomatoes, watermelons, passion fruits, coffee among other. We also have books on rearing different kinds of animals like goats, pigs, Poultry guides, apiary guides, fish, turkey, mushroom guides among many others.

Most of the books are not authored by us but rather we partner with the authors and the printing houses to have them available for you. These books are not sold for profit but rather to recover the expenses incurred in making that the information reaches out to you in form of a book. For more information, feel free to contact us and we help you.

Let’s Help With Your Next Project

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