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One of the factors limiting the growth of Uganda’s agricultural sector is the missing link between companies with genuine agro-inputs and the real farmers on the ground. This is because, on the side of the agro-input company, the cost involved in reaching the farmer is high, the processes of building a system to conduct sales, do agronomy guidance, conduct demo gardens, and other promotional activities is not only costly but hard to set up. These factors, coupled with the unscrupulous nature of most Ugandan youth workers make most agro-input companies struggle to get a market share in Uganda’s agro-input business. On behalf of the farmers, most of the companies are stationed in Kampala which is far from their rural homes. In addition, most of the companies have foreign staff who are disturbed by the language barrier and cultural dynamics which makes it hard for farmers to benefit from the products and services being offered.


To close this gap, Agape Innovations Limited began an intervention called Agape promotions. With this initiative, Agape enters a working relationship with an agro-input company and helps it reach out to farmers. With a deep network of farmers and farmer groups in all regions of Uganda and a strong team of vibrant and experienced sales agronomists that are accredited by MAAIF and MOE, Agape offers satisfactory representation services with tangible and sustainable results.

What We Offer

Service 1. Conduct sales activities on behalf of the company.

Based on the level of agreement, we conduct sales drives to the agreed regions of the country. This involves selling the client’s products to farmers, agro-dealers, and large farms. The biggest indicator of success here is the sales volumes made and the market share captured.

Service 2. Market penetration and product promotion activities

We conduct farmer training, field demonstrations, radio talk shows, and shop to shop mobilization and farmer to farmer visits as marketing strategies for our clients thus ensuring efficiency of mouth-to-mouth advertisement/marketing.

Service 3. Customer visits and follow up

We follow up with farmers and do continuous training on how to use the client’s products, attend to farmer complaints and challenges on behalf of the client. We also conduct re-marketing of client’s products and services to farmers as well as market awareness and survey in line with market development

Service 4. Market Consultancy

We offer insights into the Ugandan market using our experiences and the current situation on the ground since we have active linkages in the different regions of the country. We guide our clients on how to penetrate the market, mistakes to avoid, the dynamics of the seasonality versus products, regions versus products, competition dynamics, and tips to overcome them among others.

Service 5. Debt recovery service

Some farmers are bad debtors and they use the company’s ignorance of the law and policies of Uganda to go away with cheating these companies. We help the companies recover these debts using our networks in the legal and security apparatuses irrespective of how “untouchable” the debtor may seem to be.

Our mode of operation

As a dynamic company, our mode of operation is largely dependent on our discussions with the client. We can provide either one service or more, either at ago or concurrently. Our activities are governed by an MOU that is up to the standards of the government of Uganda laws. Our method of payment is either by commission or special price sale arrangements or by a fixed wage as agreed upon with the client. Our major deliverables are sales volumes, farmers’ reach, and changes in market performance.

Benefits to the company

  • No need to undergo the hustle of recruiting field agents
  • No need of struggling with building farmer networks and investing in counter competition activities.
  • Gives the company time to focus on other more important matters as money is flowing in.
  • Minimizes common mistakes on the market like mismatching products with regions, being cheated by unfaithful customers, theft from unfaithful staff among others.
  • Our services enable our clients achieve more with less efforts, less energies and less time period.

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