Ronald Ssembajwe

Co-founder and Chief Climate Scientist

He works as a Research Assistant: climate science at NARO’s  Coffee & Cocoa research institute in Mukono-Kituza. He holds a BSc.Meteorology degree from Mak, and currently pursuing an MSc. Applied Meteorology at Mak. On top of that, He has had numerous short training in different fields eg Satellite products analysis & validation, Drought forecasting from TAMSTAT Group, University of Reading, Land productivity Analysis and evaluation by RCMRD & GEOMIK Africa among others using various software.

A member of the Smart AfriHub, Ronald has also won numerous innovation challenges both local and International. He has as well featured in a number of scientific journals. Ronald has a zeal to fix Uganda’s economy through innovating and improving the Agricultural production & value chains. He is also the Lead Training and Skill’s development at The Empowered Community Uganda, a Youth-led community NGO.

Container Village, Kingsway Plaza
1st Floor Room F9

Work Hours
Monday to Friday: 7AM - 7PM
Weekends: 8AM - 5PM